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The Elder Scrolls Online

It’s about this time in an MMO’s life cycle that reviews pop up based on the past month of play. For me, I’m not too worried about the gameplay or how fantastic it looks, I just want to know if its worth spending a subscription fee on.

I think that even at this early stage, ESO is. Somehow the game has convinced me that though I have so little time to play it (Even now I should probably be playing it instead of typing this) it’s worth spending that precious $15 a month on. I don’t think its the shiny graphics or their new brand of MMO combat that drew me in, I think that its the environment. For now people in ESO are so blissfully unworried about how long it is before it might change to a free to play model, or how it stacks up against WOW or the ill-fated SWTOR. I think ESO is based on one of the remaining worlds that hasn’t had a game, a comic book, a movie, a line of toys produced for it. For now the world of Tamriel is pure, new and gleaming. Unlike in SWTOR, we haven’t been in the universe nearly as much and unlike GW2 and other new MMO’s like The Secret World, we’re intimately familiar with it.

It is legitimately exciting following quests that force you to see little villages and cities that have never been before heard of, and at the same time I long to visit places that Skyrim and Oblivion introduced to me. I think ESO will be worth your money as long as Zenimax can keep feeding you little tidbits and interesting corners of the world.

Sea-elves? What the fuck are sea-elves? Excuse me I have to go murder some.

The Simple Gamers #60 – Custom Intro

Facebook bought Oculus Rift and it might result in some great changes, the Australian government is changing how we classify games, Firewatch looks awesome, did EA destroy Bullfrog and the Xbox One finally returns to its digital focus.

This weeks Question

How do you feel about the Oculus Rift and Facebook? Do you have any examples of mergers like this going poorly or perhaps well?

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The Simple Gamers #59 – Purple Gorrilla’s

Candy Crush about to get a massive IPO valuation, Infamous originally pitched as Animal Crossing, Valves Steam controller gets its new design, Xbox One leads the charts and the Humble Bundle of Love deserves your attention.

This weeks question is : What was the first RTS you played and did it have a lasting impact on you?

Answer at thesimplegamers(at) or our facebook page

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The Simple Gamers #58 – Blown His Arms Off

This episode we discover Harry is possibly a pyromaniac, a bill threatens tax cuts to violent video games only, Coffee is now DRM locked and the Last of Us film moves forward.


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The Simple Gamers #57 – Tangents

You could play Pokemon on the occulus rift, GOG changes their pricing, bitcoin is collapsing and the Cult of the Helix rises.

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The Simple Gamers #56 – A New Year

After a long holiday and much battery recharging we are back. This episode we catch up on all the crazy stuff we missed from Playstation Now to Shia Labeouf all the way down to Flappy Birds removal, as well as much more recent news featuring a confused 50 cent, next gen graphics that really are next gen and Titanfall.

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The Simple Gamers #55 – Holidays

The Fable Anniversary edition has been announced, one man steals 200,000 for cat food. Creative Assembly is making an Alien game, Big Huge games has been sold and Steam OS is now available.

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The Simple Gamers #54 – I Bought a Photo!

A Heroes of the Storm developer apologises for his almost sexist remarks, the Xbox One is most definitely NOT backwards compatible, Fallout 4 is actually a hoax. Some guy bought a $734, Telltale producing some very interesting games and a whole lot more in a special 2 hour episode.

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The Simple Gamers #53 – Carsmacked

Steam In House Streaming is coming soon?!

The first steam box prototype is revealed, John Carmac abandons ID, the Xbox One has been released and achievements are being sold. Game of Thrones game being made by telltale. Sometimes games change between Review and Release.

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Steam In House Streaming

John Carmac

Xbox One and PS4 News

Xbox Achievment being Sold

Game of Thrones by Telltale

10 Years of Star Wars

State of Decay Breakdown

Game Changed between Review and Release

Man exposes Wife on PS4

New Lord of the Rings Game

The Simple Gamers #52 – Controller Farts

This week we discover that the Xbox One controller could’ve emitted smells, that Age of Empires 2 has a new expansion after 14 years, Hearthstone is coming to mobile and Microsoft is losing 2 billion a year. This and so much more this week on the podcast.


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